Movie Crew Quotes (part 2)

“Who ordered organic dumplings? That is not going to happen again!”
Director when faced with the bill from the dumpling place.
“What? You’re not doing make-up on male actors? I need make-up!”
Actor who plays Claude (the male model) on discovering that he would not be required for make-up
“I don’t get what’s so funny?”
“If you don’t try and get what’s funny about this scene then you shouldn’t be trying to act in this movie!”
Two of the extra’s discussing a scene they’re about to play, one of them being a bit pissed off by the other one.
“I liked your original ending, but now it seems it’s missing some key points to bridge it over to that all important third act. I’m just offering my advice.” 
“Don’t worry, we decided to go for a dumb and dumber ending rather than some cheesy soap opera ending, it’s going to be fine.”
An Actor shares his opinion on the ending and Director answers. 
“You’re a comedic genius!”
An investor talking to Chris (one of the leading actors)
“I decided to spend the night with a lot of naked chinese guys, it’s a good deal for 200rmb you get the whole spa treatment, sauna and a buffet and you can sleep there.” 
Our main actor Carlos on how to charge his batteries between shooting days
“That scene was so realistic Dad!”
Director’s daughter talking about a scene between Carlos and Ai Wan where they are an ex couple arguing loudly about their lives. 
“Maestro! Maestro! We have only used steadycam once! It’s no good Maestro!”
Our Belarusian camera assistant…
“I want you to smile in Chinese”
Director asking one of his actors to smile in Chinese (but he meant “talk in Chinese).
“Robot,  how do you want the make-up to be in this scene?”
“Robot, what costume do you want in this scene?”
Costume designer still hasn’t gotten to grips with the director’s name, ROBERT!
“Actually, I do not think I look like the Camera Assistant, Actually I think I look more like him.” (points to male model).
Sound guy has had enough of the crew thinking he looks like the Belarusian camera assistant and want’s to set the record straight.