Thanks for a good birthday!

Well, really … I couldn’t have asked for a better birthday, from the drama and soap opera situations we got ourselves into before lunch to the perfect takes we somehow managed after lunch, all rolled into one day. This was a good day of shooting, and yeah the cake was nice along with the home made pasta – and the gifts. Also, my son (struggling a little bit with Icelandic but trying to be perfect) called me up and said “Merry Christmas Dad” … 🙂 and of course Jo Jo was my rock as always! Just like Lemon was Chris’s Aid and he was her Rock, Chris Rock… ah yeah, well whatever.

Producer and Composer (or male model)

Well, just signing another million dollar contract?

Better pictures will be posted in the future


So called film makers
The Accountant (not an erotic movie title, but actually our movie accountant)

Three camera guys and a sound dude in the corner! (not a french comedy movie title, but actually our movie camera guys and the french sound guy).