Gee (Day Something) Bust Ups & More Quotes

People are tired, real tired … feels like this shoot could go on for 3000 day’s. We’re on day something of a schedule that is ever changing and getting longer and longer as we speak. Originally suppose to wrap tomorrow on my birthday, we’re now wrapping tentatively on the 17th of June (my countries national day). At the same time I am now starting the process of a rough cut since I’ve put myself a deadline of a rough cut by the end of June. My life is now starting to feel like “All That Jazz” and I’ll by having nightmares about Jessica Lange before I know it, so far sadly I’ve just been having weird dreams about Chris Loton. Oh and I did have my first “storming off the set” moment the other day, it involved Carlos Ottery our main actor and it belongs to one of the quotes of the day :

Quotes from Cast & Crew
“Fuck you”
“No, Fuck you”
Director and Main Actor in a dispute
“I don’t need 50rmb for a Taxi, I’d rather see it spent on Dumplings for the crew”
Chris Loton (one of the lead actors)
“I won’t answer any questions until I get a tissue”
Robert Douglas (director)
“How much do I get payed?”
“You get payed in respect and love”
“Fuck that, I want an iPad”
Accountant discussing payment with Chris Loton
“Does your girlfriend usually wear these hooker style dresses?”
“No no, that was a costume!”
“Oh, that’s good”
“What’s wrong with the dress? I liked it”
Jo Jo our accountant asks Chris Loton a question about his girlfriends dress, Carlos Ottery quips in with his opinion last. 
“You still with us?”
“I know, I am sorry, I’m very confused”
Director is surprised to see the Belarusian camera assistant still on set on day 10 after he said he could only work 4 day’s.
“You said I’d be wearing pants”
“Yes, hot pants”
“They’re still pants aren’t they?”
Production manager tries to convince an actor to wear tight hot pants (and nothing else)
“Actually, we have a kind of problem here”
(with a heavy french accent) Our sound man’s most commonly used sentence
“Is Lemon going to be your Lemon-Aid?”
Chris asks Robert a question about his Assistant Director (Who’s name is Lemon).
 Three creators writing the next day’s scene with only hours to go.
 Actress and Production Manager in the office.
 Unveiling of The Gro Up product (a scene in the movie)
The Girls of Gee 
 Beijing Vespa Club joins us for a scene
Cool Cods