Gee / So Far So Good

It’s been an interesting few day’s shooting Gee (Carlo’s video blog to his mom in London) – as we’ve told passers by who ask us questions, “this is for our friend because his mom can’t travel to Beijing she want’s to know what it’s like”. Thankfully our camera looks like an iphone but the quality we’re getting out of it is quite amazing, ah technology and the advances it’s made since my first short movie on a JVC VHS “Cam Corder” in the 1980’s. Anyway, given the current situation around this area we’ve stripped our crew to the bare minimum during outside street shots but keep the full crew when we’re in interior locations. We’ve had a couple of people drop out but the best of them have stayed with us 🙂 There’s just the 4 of us in the Camera/Tech/Director’s department and then about 10 in the Production department, I think the ratio of boys to girls is the same, with the girls in majority – yeah Cannes!!! take that.

More Pictures (these from yesterday)

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