The idea was always to blog about the experience of making the movie … but … it’s been one mess of a clusterfuck after the other and I haven’t had the time to do anything outside of these first four day’s of shooting of which only today felt really like the first day. By that I mean it was the first day I felt we actually shot anything that is worth watching on the big screen, but that’s at least a good sign, only 4 day’s in and I think we’ll only get better. Which translates, I think the movie will be more than half decent. I think we’re on to something. But I’m too tired now, so I’ll leave you with some pictures from set … next time I can blog is the next time the schedule didn’t run 10 hours over or we had a good day etc. Some funny stories from set (of course) but who gives a shit about that now? Gone to sleep.

Sound, Director, DOP – (daughter of director on sofa) shooting the engagement party scene

Director and the two main starts (discussing yet another party scene)

Director holding the camera, main actress watches on…