Gee Screening II

We had our second screening of the rough cut of the first 20 minutes of our upcoming feature length film Gee last Tuesday. It was not the ideal setting as such, we’d invited about 40 people to a new bar in Sanlitun, the bar was good since it was so new that it remained empty for us to screen and have a party. On the other hand they only had one TV and we decided to go for the bar’s TV rather than rent a projector. The TV which at first seemed big became dwarfish once we’d packed the place with 40 people. People responded well to the first 20 minutes and after our first screening a week earlier (which was predominantly a western audience) we were surprised by the reception of the Chinese audience during this screening, they in many cases enjoyed it more than the western audience. The film has always been about foreigners in China aimed at foreigners in China, but I think we might just have opened up another market for this film. Even the bar staff stopped working and watched and laughed during the screening. Our point in having these screenings was always to attract investors but between our first screening and this one it became irrelevant and this second screening was more of a celebration … We are in the middle of talks right now with an investor that could potentially fund the the whole thing, but more on that later. 
People involved in Gee who were present at the screening were myself, Christopher Loton, Carlos Ottery and Leonardo Lee. Basically the director and three actors. Once again our crew failed to materialize and I’m starting to wonder if we ever really had a crew. 

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