We’re doing for Sanlitun what Woody did for Manhattan

One of our proudest trivial facts is that we’ve managed to shoot everything so far in about a 500m radius of my home, which is the ultimate in lazy film making but very convenient. As it happens my home was in Sanlitun the “downtown” of the expats and probably the only place in Beijing that you could call a melting pot of cultures. We didn’t really set out to shoot a Sanlitun movie, but since the film deals a lot with the expat experience in Beijing, the Sanlitun area does make sense as a location, even though it came through sheer laziness. We’ve quickly caught on to this fact and are now setting ourselves up to be what Woody Allen was for Manhattan or what Francis Ford Coppola was for the Mafia (sort of). But since I’ve moved homes to the Tuanjie Hu area I’ve also moved the production. We’re now expanding and making a Tuanjie Hu movie, if I keep moving house we might even end with a Beijing movie. Being in Tuanjie Hu doesn’t really affect the 500m radius rule so much as it really only adds about 200m to it … Tuanjie Hu is right next door to Sanlitun. So, it’s still a Sanlitun movie so too speak. Our toughest shooting day was obviously the morning we went to Tiananmen Square, far out of our comfort zone and a full 12 minutes by subway, but we make sacrifices for arts sake. We have planned to shoot on The Great Wall … I’m hoping I can just make it coincide with the next time I get some visitors from abroad, because that’s a full 45 minutes drive from where we’re trying to shoot this film. 

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