Fake it till you Make it! (GEE)

Today I’m suppose to shoot with a “name” actress, an actress that is apparently suppose to make it big very soon once her TV show premieres in a months time, directed by one of the big shots of Chinese TV and she’s in the second lead. Through various friends who know friends and dealings with her agent I convinced her to act in GEE for free, until we find financing. I’ve dealt with agents before, although we don’t have them in Iceland, but I have used some small time American actors in the past. So, the actress was very into the movie and then she wasn’t, then she was and then she wasn’t … agents. Anyway, now she’s on her way to shoot my movie. BUT none of the other crew have confirmed that they’re coming to this day’s shoot. I thought the least I could do towards the actress was to make our film seem semi-pro by having hair and makeup, maybe a cameraman and some lights, the lead actor would be good also. My illusion of looking pro is fading fast and I might end up just holding  my small consumer Sony camera up to the actress and kind of ask her to improvise. I don’t really need any of the crew here, I could shoot this all myself but all my build up speeches and self belief sessions with my crew were suppose to make sure they’d be here at these kind of moments. Now I’m afraid they’re abandoning me on what is suppose to be the last couple of days of the shoot. I promised them all riches after these two day’s, well not riches but a bit more recognition. People learn fast, especially movie crews … they’ve had nothing so far (except the unique opportunity to learn from a master auteur like myself) I better get the spare change out and buy some McDonald’s for them today, otherwise I might lose them for good.

photo by Jonathan (flickr) 

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