Gary (GEE) – Introducing The Creators

I’ve introduced the crew we’ve got so far in two previous posts, now I’ll make an attempt to introduce the creators behind Gary (GEE) or whatever the movie will be called.

Carlos Ottery

Co-writer and star of Gary, acts the main part, Gary himself. Carlos got his unusual sounding name for an Englishman from hippie parents who liked some obscure Spanish poet named Carlos back in the 70’s. Carlos is an English teacher by day (two day’s a week) and a stand-up comedian by night. He’s an Irish Catholic Jew from East London (with a Latino lover’s name) … which explains a lot. He originally came to Beijing 3 years ago to make it big as a businessman but ended up teaching English on weekends … sorry, that’s Gary’s story line, well, anyway … Carlos came here 3 years ago and after living on a farm in south China he moved up to Beijing and teaches English when he’s not hung over or drunk. His dream is to become a comedian and well everybody needs dreams, it’s nice to dream and have ambitions, Carlos is an ambitious man and the lead actor in Gary (GEE). He’s a big fan of Manchester United. Here’s a link to his weekly comedy nights around Beijing :

Robert Douglas

Co-writer and director of Gary, a failed genius film director who insists he used to be something but now walks the streets of Beijing trying to remember if he actually was anything … and we’re not talking “I used to be somebody in Hollywood” … more like “I used to be somebody in Iceland”. After his over the top Ingmar Bergman-esque extravagant Gay masterpiece about footballers, the critics panned him, the film has consistently stayed in the bottom regions of Rotten Tomatoes, Robert wen’t into self imposed exile in China (where they ban gay films). Robert originally came to Beijing 5 years ago to meditate and drink tea, he’s now starting to understand that it doesn’t get you places and has written two scripts about China and Gary (GEE) is the first one he’s attempting to film, he’s also got ambitions to return to Iceland and make a 3D family musical about dwarfs in the hope that they accept him back. Robert is also a big fan of Manchester United. His website:

Christopher Loton

Co-writer and supporting actor in Gary, Christopher is from west Australia, Perth. He’s randomly accused and thought of as a rich upper class twat by other Australians he meets here in Beijing, he explains that it has to do with his accent and that all people from Perth are stigmatized this way, we don’t believe him. He works at some dubious sales company specializing in Nuclear Reactors, it’s all very hush hush we think, or it could be that we just think it’s secretive because we’re too stupid to understand when Chris tries to explain his job to us. He’s always dressed in a suit coming from some business meeting or event when he shows up for shooting, that’s impressive enough for us to think he’s a spy. Chris is a big fan of New Order. Chris doesn’t have a website, spy’s usually don’t.

Now I’ve managed to tie all three of the principals behind Gary to Manchester, although none of them are from there it’s an interesting trivial fact that will be put up on IMDB once Gary (GEE) has it’s own page.

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