Gary (Gee) begins


I’ve uploaded 3 teasers to of a feature length ultra low budget movie that I’m working on these days. The plan is to obviously get some investors and make it closer to a low budget movie (rather than ultra low). The film is shot within a 500m ratio of my home in Beijing, the Sanlitun district. A melting pot of expat embassy workers, losers and local Beijingers.

Here are the three teaser examples (2 view-able in China via youku):

Gary has arrived in Beijing to make it big and become a multi-millionaire, after failing to impress his Chinese investors he soon takes up English teaching and life lessons from Frank, an incompetent mentor, who vows to show him “the real China.”. Gary’s real reasons for staying in Beijing become apparent when his son and Chinese ex-wife enter the picture.   Can Gary outsmart the city of cynics and repair his relationship with his family? Or will he have to fly home in disgrace as Frank predicted all along?

Shot in a documentary style, Gary is a comedy celebrating Beijing and it’s people, both ex-pat and locals.

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