Win Win With The Public Reform Department

Had another one of those meetings with the Department of Public Reform, as you do. So, there’s an option of shooting Red Flag in Liao Ning province, which includes the cities Shenyang and Dalian. Yesterday they were in Beijing to meet and greet various mutual beneficial business opportunities, including this Icelandic film director. We met in a seedy backroom of one of the local UBC cafe’s (a Chinese dirtier expensive version of Starbucks). I met the head of their local film studio and CCTV representative who seemed genuine, at least he knew his RED’s from his Sony’s and what a Peewee Dolly is… I can’t judge what a Public Reform official is suppose to sound or act like, nor do I have the slightest clue as to how the head of the transport and road system is suppose to be, but I’d say one thing … I wouldn’t want to mess with ’em. When I asked the lady in the pink jacket if we’d have all the required permissions while shooting, she told me not to worry. She’s best friends with the police chief and her network extends to all of China. Yes, Public Reform … my middle person asked me after the meeting if I’d be OK to push Red Flag into a direction that they wanted. Propaganda? I asked back … yes, was the answer. Interesting, I said I’d rather not. But as the lady in Pink told me, first we meet by chance (like this meeting in UBC, I guess it wasn’t arranged), we talk about our mutual benefits, then we become friends (I’m guessing she wants to get drunk with me in a KTV bar), then it’s fate that moves us forward to mutual win win situations … she told me this is the Chinese way of doing things. Let’s see.

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