Seen T-Lo?

I’m suppose to be finishing a music video for Miss Melody today, for the song Sui. Starring Tony T-Lo, the problem is he’s not showing up and has turned off his mobile phones. At this point in time, we can’t replace him with another actor since he’s already appeared in more than 90% of the video. This final shot was going to be the most important one, it’s the final shot of the video and most of the budget has gone into this shot and that’s the day Mr. actor decides not to show up. What makes things worse is that in 2 day’s T-Lo will be off to America for a year … everything was fine yesterday and he knew of the schedule. I’m going insane, the whole crew is sitting in my living room waiting for Tony. Thoughts … I’m prone to shout “Damn the one child policy youth of today”.

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