Turning down roles to teach.

2011-04-13 16-28-30 - DSC08444

Some people just don’t want all the hassle that comes with fame. The other day I offered an amateur actor (who shall remain nameless) one of the leading roles in my upcoming movie Red Flag. The actor had dabbled a bit in Beijing expat theatre but otherwise he’s better known as a teacher and consultant to the bar they call First Floor. When I asked him if he’d consider the role he rejected me because his teaching job was more secure, the monthly salary was good and he had already signed up for a year. I offered him the equal to 6 months of teaching salary for an acting job that would take maximum 2 weeks to shoot, but no … he turned it all down, because “I want to honor my agreement with the school”. Well, shows that sometimes you can’t pick a random nobody from the street and make them a superstar overnight (as had always been my plan of course). So, instead I offered the role to a major international superstar, that most of you will know … I will keep you updated on who that is, once we’ve finalized the deal. Regarding the actor that decided on a teaching career, I’ve just learned that the school broke their agreement and he’s now looking for a job. 

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