Red Producers

About time I introduced other players, as they say “Making movies is a collaboration”. So apart from me the director being on board, we’ve got various producers and writers so far. I won’t go into the writing credits yet as it’s a bit complicated and soap opera like right now, let’s just say there’s been 5 writers involved so far and I’m not agreeing on everybody’s level of credit to their level of input, I might once we’re further away from the script and closer to the shooting. So, this time I’ll introduce the producers. First off is our head producer in Iceland, Hlin Johannesdottir, she’s produced over 10 films, various co-productions with other countries included. She just came onboard a few weeks ago and is doing a great job so far. Our associate producers here in China are two, Clarence Hui from Hong Kong, who is mostly known as a music producer but has been involved with the HK film industry for more than 20 years, he also helped me with my second film A Man Like Me which was partly shot in Hong Kong. Clarence also wrote the classic Canto-Pop musical  Gam Chi Yuk Sip which I suspect is loosely based on his own life. Lily Lee is our mainland associate producer, I know little of her background except that by the looks of it she’s got a lot of “Guanxi” as they say here in China. Finally there’s executive producer Jim Stark, who’s been helpful in many way’s since we started and has been closely following the project, he produced Mystery Train and Down by Law. I’ll be introducing the writers and actors very soon, followed by key crew.

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