MV: Day One


First day of shooting the music video went relatively well, apart from everybody’s lateness that I wrote about before. The lateness nearly prevented us from getting the money shot, the final shot of the video. Today had to be the day because all three models were only available today, we need to shoot them separately on other days. The final shot required all of them, and the shot took place just before sunset, in the twilight.

We arrived at the location at 4.30, sunset would be at 4.51 this Saturday.  Of course, once on the location there seemed to be a misunderstanding, the costumer thought that we were only going to shoot one of the models and not all three of them. THE POINT OF HAVING THEM ALL TOGETHER TODAY … was TO SHOOT ALL OF THEM TODAY! Well, it didn’t register with some, so at 4.30 the leading lady and singer of the song didn’t have her costume ready. Only about 15-20 minutes and we’d lose the look, the light and the whole feel of this ONE important shot. I took the two other models out of the car, one of them ready, one of them half ready … she had to hold her jacket up so that it wouldn’t fall off and reveal her bare chest underneath, something me and the camera man didn’t realize at the time and kept asking her to stop fiddling with her jacket, stop holding your jacket as if you’re cold! She wouldn’t listen to us, so we just shot and thought “what a primadonna”. Later we of course realized that she was naked underneath and the jacket was just hanging on her, not at all ready to be worn. Well, we got the shots and just 5 minutes before total darkness the singer joined us and we managed to include her in the shot without it looking to strange.

The rest went smoothly, shooting night scenes of one model. The other two models will take up the rest of the schedule. We even had smoke on the streets, these little smoke devices or pads that we light fire to and they generate smoke for about 5 minutes, who needs a smoke machine? It worked great and looked like something out of an expensive Ridley Scott movie or a cheap Motley Crue video.

Tomorrow we start 3 hours earlier.

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