Here we go again: Stories from Beijing productions!


So once again I’ve signed myself up for a semi-amateur no budget Beijing production, last time was The Chairman’s Wife which I had no time to blog about, the time before it was Little Flower and I had plenty of time to blog and burn bridges on that one, although surprisingly I didn’t manage to do the latter.

This time it’s a music video for DJ Mike Dee and singer Melody, Mike D is an English entrepreneur who Dj’s and makes music in his spare time, Melody is his Chinese muse.

The idea was outlandish, expensive, arty, meaningful and groundbreaking all rolled into one … then came the actual budget, it was ZERO, nothing. So, the idea changed into something more doable, something less meaningful, something more realistic, something less groundbreaking. The idea changed into a tried and tested formula of all great music videos, especially electronic music videos. Put 3 sexy girls in some revealing designer outfits and have them sulk and walk around a city being all pouty and sexy and arty. Shoot it and then put lot’s of effects over the images.

Day 1: Should have started a week ago. Today is day one, I said 2pm EVERYBODY needs to be ready.

Shadow our Chinese designer, that’s her name, forgot the dresses and woke up late and she’s not finished the dresses, she just started putting make up on our actress now, it’s 2.19pm. Jason our cameraman forgot his camera, he’s gone back to get the dresses and his camera.

What we’re shooting today is a scene that involves the sun going down. That begins around 4.30pm. I wanted to be safe and have everybody aim for a 2pm shoot. Just in case nothing went as planned, and nothing has. So will we make the last light of the day or will we still be waiting for make-up?

I have a feeling we’ll just about make the final scene and I have to re-schedule the actress for another day, something I was very adamant that I did not want to do, mostly because I don’t have time for this … one more time. The only way out of these low budget no budget situations is to write a high budget Jackie Chan comedy, I’m starting to see that now… but the mess, the language barriers, the fucking stupidity of it all … is kind of addictive.

Makes for good blogs, we shall see in the coming days.

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