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rob shooting 392

Shot a web widget video type thingy last Sunday, very international the whole production, 12 actresses from 12 countries, two bosses from two different countries and then me. It was a series of 20sec web videos for a language training web-game. Started off well enough at 8.15 this morning, with a Portuguese architect moonlighting as an actress – very pro, then came the giggling little Korean girl who couldn’t utter a single sentence without laughing – but she more than made up for all of that by her hmm, looks. Then we got PJ (her stage name) a very pro – been there done that – Chinese actress, who performs Lady Gaga and Britney songs every night at MGM nightclub from 1.45am. She handed us her business cards and told us to come and see the show.  The Russian arrived, all very artsy in style and attitude – fine, she was also very pro and handed us her business card as well, reading – blogger, photographer, Chinese student and sugar collector. She collects those little sugar packets that come with your coffee at cafe’s, she has a collection from all over the world. Chilean girl arrived after and tried to fly a kite – no success, but she was fun and energetic on screen – which is making me start to believe that all Chileans must be fun, this is the 4th person from Chile I know. Once we started believing that all the videos (the actresses) were going to be relatively easy and just shooting themselves it all started going downhill with the arrival of the American. Stuck-up, posh little red neck who only needed a poodle dog in her Gucci bag, she took a lot of care in messing up every single line and arrived in high heels for what we described to her as a sporty, running around, playing basketball type shoot. Next up was the Tunisian – who arrived with her girlfriend and was clearly the man (truck driver) in the relationship. But that tough guy soon disappeared as she stepped in front of the camera and became embarrassingly nervous and could hardly utter one word, I’m not sure anything of her is actually useable – who knows, maybe the art of movie editing will spin some magic into her scenes. Italian was fine, couldn’t play football – but at least tried and was good in general. German was also more than we bargained for, a big Bavarian lady who just loves to chat, laugh and drink endless amounts of BEER! and that’s basically what we wanted her web slot to be all about, and she delivered – in style, even getting anxious to drink her beer after the first few takes were suppose to have the glass full, she kept asking when the actual drinking scene would be shot. French, well … let’s say she was very French. Japanese was actually a Chinese girl that spoke Japanese, so I’m not sure how that will turn out and I couldn’t tell if her Japanese was good or not, she seemed convincing enough. All in all this was a very German production, we came in on budget and we came in on the time limit … all very efficient, since the people I was shooting this for are Germans.

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