Bonsai Girl – The Absent Set Designer

2010-02-02 14-19-58

Ariel is the one in black, posing for the camera.

“Ariel, like the little mermaid from Disney” she giggles as she introduces herself to people. Yeah, that’s her English name. She’s the set designer, she’s never worked on a movie before, but she is studying design at a fancy design school in Beijing, “because I love clothes and nice cars – you know BMW is my favorite” she giggles again. “I will work for you, yes for free, because I also love movies, but I can not be there all the time because of my school” …

Not being there all of the time, meant exactly that. I think she turned up on the first day and then I’m not sure we saw her again? But this week I got an SMS from her. Here’s the text messages:

Ariel: I have receipts, you told me the movie would pay them?

Me: Yes, how much?

Ariel: 3000rmb

Me: What? It can not be 3000rmb!!!

Ariel: Let me check again

Ariel: Yes, it is 3000rmb! You pay?

Me: No I will not pay 3000rmb, It can not be 3000rmb!

Ariel: Maybe you don’t know everything, maybe I had meeting about movie when you don’t know I had meeting.

Me: I know everything! I know when you were working on the movie, I know when you were in school!

Ariel: Can the receipts be from last year?

Me: NO! They can only be from the day’s you were working on the movie!!!

Ariel: So you will not pay my receipts from last year?

Me: No I will not pay. Only when you worked on the movie!

I haven’t gotten any more sms’s or requests about paying all her receipts (from beginning of time), but I must admit, she’s got some nerve asking me to pay her bills dating back a year before she actually met us and was hired for the film. But I guess you can always try.

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