Bonsai Girl – Ballad of … Tony

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Tony … “Hi I’m Tony, how’s it hanging?” our executive 14 year old producer. Not really 14 years old, but barely over his teen’s and he’s the man we all answer to. What does a kid who’s got it all do when he’s bored? He’s already bought enough designer clothes from Europe to last a life time, he’s already spending 20 hours a week in Toni&Guy for his latest hair “treatment”. He’s got the nice DSLR camera and takes off centered slanted “arty” photos that are just GODDAMN wrong!!

If you spend that much money on a camera, then why can’t you spend some money on LESSONS?

He’s also got the latest Apple Power-book and he fancies himself as a lady’s man – which he no doubt is. What does he need more? He needs respect … respect from who? The person that’s giving him all the money, his father. So Tony decides that the movie business is the way to go. So, he offers the director 8000rmb and becomes Executive producer, he can hang around on set, chat up the actresses or costume ladies and attend the premiere.

Tony was actually nice, and in many way’s did more than just deliver on the budget. He also got us a van and he even stepped in as a runner at one point, doing various errands for me and my assistant. I’d safely say that this movie couldn’t have been made without him. So thank you Tony.

The van he got for us was the property of the Army, yeah the red army. So even though our camera and lights department was 50/50 Chinese and foreign, the fact that the van was from the army meant that no foreigner was allowed to touch it or come close to it. That meant that every time we unloaded or loaded up the van – with a lot of lights and heavy equipment … the western people could only sit around and drink coffee. Our two or three Chinese crew would be left alone to do all the work – it’s the armies rule … not ours.

Other executive producers included my personal friend Julie from Ohio. Who sponsored the last day of shooting and also made sure we got our main actor Mr.Jiang. More on Mr.Jiang later.

So, this post is to give credit to Tony and Julie for being there and believing in the producer and the director of this fucked up production.

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